Total Apocalypse

For the first time in their career InGen Apocalypse felt.. Fear. As Gene Rous the insane Ghoul leapt into the air, grasped Dino Chickens head and spun until it severed. As his limp body crashed down onto the turf the InGen home crowd went utterly and completely silent. Shock tore into every righteous heart like a wolves claw. The reaction of the announcers echoed around the stadium like a two ghostly apparitions engaged in ritual of pure torturous cruelty, one wept… Whilst the other laughed. A delighted gleeful laugh from ChaseJJ dribbled into the stadium drowning out the tearful sobs of Josiah Frost whilst on the pitch the Necro continued to take advantage of the Lizards failed go for it turnover. Wyatt had been pacing the sidelines but at the sight of his star player and friend decapitated he fell to his knees. His white knuckles grasping the turf in his hands he slowly tilted his head towards the Midnight Howlers dugout. Wyatt was surprised there were no tears in his own eyes as he locked his gaze onto the Howlers coach. Doneagle was sitting back comfortably in his chair, a confident grin on his face. His plays were all working out, the player he sold InGen was having no impact on the game and his players seemed impervious to the Lizards blocks. At that moment Wyatt had an epiphany, a moment of pure clarity and his entire world came into defined focus. Dino Chickens courage had meant everything to his team, now at this moment, all they had left in their heart was a black void. It was that black void he saw in the eyes of this Necro side, he had seen it before in the eyes of the twisted InGen Clade masters and in the horrific matches involving the Four Nurgle Horsemen. As his remaining team struggled to create chances before eventually they broke down into a messy disorganised street fight with the foul Necro monsters, their entire season came into focus. Their enemy was no longer the opposing teams or their killer players. The enemy of InGen apocalypse was that black void in their hearts, the darkness being spread throughout the entire Challenge league by kill teams like Chaos and Necro, by the Four Nurgle Horsemen and their overt threats to hurt teams so badly they couldn’t stay competitive. Their enemy was fear and after the loss of a player like Dino Chicken they were now more vulnerable than ever. At the conclusion of the match Wyatt stopped his team at the sideline…
“Wait here, I want this to go through on cabal vision”, he instructed.
They all gathered before him, being lizards none were weeping over the loss of Dino Chicken but T-Rex was gently holding his limp body out in front of him in one hand, the severed head also resting in his palm. Wyatt addressed his team, being careful to ensure cabal vision broadcast it all..
“The MML lost a great player today, and we lost a friend. Do not remember him like this, instead remember what Dino Chicken stood for in life. He played the greatest game of all time, and he did so without holding anything back. What’s more he played for the fans, for the team and for the sheer joy of it. Now more than ever the MML needs players like him, I see teams who would rather clear the pitch than score touchdowns. Players who don’t even know what the score is, but they’ll tell you how many they’ve killed. Coaches bragging about bringing a plague upon us all and rejoicing in the dismantling of age old franchises. The machinations of fear are what Dino Chicken fought against whenever he set foot on the pitch. It’s what we all fight for and why we can never ever give in. We are called Apocalypse because we’ve been through this before, we know where it all ends and we know how to defeat it. Next week we play the Tainted Destroyers, let’s put on a show, for the fans! For the MML!! For Dino Chicken!!!”
The team began to chant “Dino Chicken, Dino Chicken!”
Wyatt approached T-Rex, “Take the body to the order. We will make preparations for a burial with full honours”. T-Rex looked confused and raised his giant clawed hands. They were empty. Whilst the team were enraptured by Wyatt’s lengthy and stirring monologue someone or something had taken Dino Chickens body…

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