Training Tour

This is a call to all teams CL and Pro, the lizardmen team Lord of the Skinks are looking for midweek training buddies.
Are you bored of the same old blocking drills and running laps of the field, hitting nothing but peasants and training dummies, then why not issue us a challenge, due to fatigue and of course league games the Lord of the Skinks will only be visiting one lucky team per week for some “friendly” training action.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, whether you’re a new CL team just finding your feet and wanting a bit of extra game time, or a fully fledged Pro veteran looking to blow off some steam, the Lord of the Skinks would be happy to visit your ground and practice some drills .
To submit a challenge just message the coach of Lord of the Skinks, Lazertrip91 and I’m sure he will reply hastily, the team will be chosen at random from all of the applicants so get your requests in and may nuffle bless your blocking dice.

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