Tritons trying to Survive

Little is known about the fishing town of Gillmouth Cove, similarly little is know about its townsfolk.

Some wrote that the town just appeared out of the Boiling Sea one day like a shiny shell or a bottle with a message, exposed after the tide has gone out however others believe the town was always there. The Gillmouth people were a quiet but proud folk and they worked tirelessly, the men strong and chiselled and the women beautiful as mythical mermaids. There lives were honed only to work, they set out to sea at sunrise, catching fish and the like and selling it to nearby towns and villages. They also often made trips further afield to the nearby cities to sell pearls and trinkets they had claimed from the ocean floor.

The town was overseen by Lithana Tolbert, a Gillmouth woman in her early years who had a way about her, both beautiful and commanding. She would never say that she truly governed but the townsfolk looked to her to make the decisions for them and often she would chose wisely. However a new threat had caused much anxiousness among the people and they once more looked to her for guidance. Baron Hunshall from the neighbouring town of Pretifall Plains was looking to expand his already vast lands and with a sizeable army at his disposal, he had set his sight on taking over Gillmouth and turning this into a harbour where ships from across the Boiling Seas would take travellers rich and poor from around the kingdom to his doorstep and put his town, nay soon to be city on the map!

The Baron duped some useless councillors in the city into drawing up deeds claiming the town of Gillmouth was on his lands and therefore they would either pay his taxes or leave. Lithana met and pleaded with the Baron that they were a humble town and certainly not an affluent one and they could not pay such hefty taxes but the Baron would have none of it and explained that if the town could not pay the sum of 150,000 gold coins each month he would be forced to evict every lady one of them. Lithana was at a loss and as she left the Barons estate with her thoughts elsewhere  she got caught up in a crowd rushing through the streets of Pretifall with much noise and excitement. As she came to a halt, dragged along by the joyous mob she saw a large field with a group of women with what looked like loose fitting armour on there bodies on one side of it and across from them were a group of men, again looking armoured. “What is this”, she asked one nearby local. “A bloodbowl grudge match between the women of our town against the Tollgate Town Tempests, men from a nearby town”, snarled the person. “Don’t you know about bleedin Bloodbowl” asked the stranger.

Lithana then listened as she was given a full history of the game by this local who seemed to take much joy in the fact that someone was willing to listen to them. She watched as the teams of players in front of her played the game with such skill and brutality and the crowds cheered with every hit and every score. At the end, the women of Pretifull were triumphant and a rather important looking figure sided by some burly guards walked to the celebrating women and presented them with a bag of coins. “They get paid to do this” Lithana asked the local..”why of course, and the games are weekly so if they win they do alright ya know”.

Lithana rode back to Gillmouth suddenly excited at the possibilities and the new hope she could bring to her townsfolk. She knew that the men from Gillmouth were rough, tough and would not stop in there pursuit to save the town from the Baron’s clutches even it meant kicking or passing a leather ball, or punching another human in the face for the victory. Lithana would get a team of the men together and enter them in this challenge League and they would win and get lots of coins she thought to herself, and we will pay off these taxes each week and if they played really well they might even go to the pro leagues and be able to pay off the entire deed and keep the town for themselves.

Fast forward several weeks and Gillmouth Cove Tritons were formed and this team weren’t just playing for the fun of the game, or the bragging rights of their race, no this team were playing for there town and there way of life but more importantly to ensure that the secret of their fishing town would never be known….


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