Ullow the legend

From the time Ullow Tail joined the team the Misfits have never played so well.   He came in at a time when the Misfits were trying to find their path in the game of blood bowl .  Coach Beerz was asked after the game (a loss to the Ratlings but the game Ullow became a LEGEND) .

well sir, i remember siting with are old cross-eyed minotaur Prikterg .  We were coming up with a plan on how to control his rage and my door busted in.  Flying a cross the room .  In stepped a confandent and very scary looking beastman .  His claws where shinny and his face just sent a terror over the room.  i remember Prikterg going over to him and then saying ” i like him coach” .  I think the big mino was scared of him to be honest .  He was to the point from day one that he was out to make the team and opponents scared to play versus him .  He was confident in his playing and never back down .  I remember the game where his leg went backwards .  The doc’s thought that was the end of his career but i knew he wouldn’t let me let him go .  Instead the next week he came out and showed he was no worse for ware .  3 inj and a td.”
    Going over the records coach I see his name around them all .  He’s never won one but always right there.   Do you think he should have won some over the years?

If I had my way he would but as ive seen him grow with the team he would say nah.   After the first season the boys have grown on him .  It’s now about going out there and smashing everyone anymore . He’s more about making sure the boys are safe .  Wether that means getting a big hit or taking one he seems to find a way to help try to get that win.”

You as his coach and good friend what most would you like to see for him since he’s the first Misfit to hit the legendary status?

I only have two things id like for him.  1 he ether retires a known through all the lands as not only a great player of the game but also a great teammate .  2 simple give him a playoff game .  We’ve had 4 bowl games were we have gone 3-0-1 and he’s been great for all of them .   But really to be the legend that this team thinks he is, is for him to play in the playoffs .   I know the Misfits ain’t a playoff team but hey were misfits!”

So coach after hitting legendary what skills have the two of you been working on?

Well after talking for many days with him and many other coaches connected to the Misfits and chaosnation we determined that since he has never changed from day one why stop now .  He’s always been out there to put fear in are opponents and are players to play well and the fact he’s a little slower and beat up why not hit people and then just jump on them after for a quick break.   Myself and the team are not big fans of this skill but since he’s been here almost from the beginning and with his tweaked leg it seemed fitting for him to go down this road .   I told him the plan and i will say he was happy at first.  I explained to him why and that the boys now have his back now and to go out there and live up to his hero Carbomb he needed to do this .  He looked at me then started laughing .  Think he said something about ether I get them or i die doing it.   As his coach and good friend I know that he’s happy to hit legendary and also if he dies on the pitch there’s nothing better .  One day he’ll retire to momma jofro13’s house or be berried and the Magirta hero cemetary as the hero of this great land .”

Thanks coach and good luck in season 15 .  As i sign off let’s have quick look at Ullow Tails stats

Started S7- present .

GP- 60, 123spp CL/PRO/BOWL, 447 tackles, 180 injuries, 42 ko’s, 50 casualties, 3 kills, 2 surfs, 142 rushing yards and 4 catches

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