Vic City Gullwings fly on to the MML scene

By UsurperGlory

“We’ve made it boys, we’re pros” says the rugged elf only known as Cid, one of the Gullwings’ two star blitzers in an interview with Cabalvision earlier this week.  After floundering early in the farm league the seemingly hopeless team seems to have made a miraculous turnaround – landing a spot on the pitch in the MML Challenge League just under the wire for the season kick off.  

When asked about joining the team, RedXIII, one of the team’s rookies and a local to Cosmo Canyon where the ‘wings have located their home stadium, said that it has always been a fantasy of his to one day be a Gullwing, but not his final fantasy.  He hopes someday the ‘wings will reclaim the greatness that the elven teams enjoyed during the golden age of the NAF and that he will be around to see it.  His last, somewhat ominous remark perhaps alludes to the all too common reality that the job of a line elf is often a perilous one.

With armour that has seen years of abuse, but with a fire in their eyes and a resident apothecary holding them together, this group of enthusiastic upstarts joins the ranks of glory seekers on the pitch.  Only time will tell if this team is destined for triumph or indeed permanent retirement.

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