After being called to the office BigBadger walked slowly down the long corridor “this is it” he thought so many warnings and last chances.

As he entered the room cheers and party poppers exploded and congratulations rang out from those assembled. Shocked and dismayed he made his way to the boss who blurted out “ you’ve made it to the pro’s”  seeing the look of confusion on the coaches face.


The boss then explained that higher forces were at work and despite not making it to the playoffs The Taif Tigers had been promoted to the Pros and that the powers to be want them to go and make their presents felt.

In a state of shock the head coach did as he was told and started to make preparations for the season but before he knew what had hit him he was half way through the first pro season with a win two draws and loss to the teams credit.

But after the last game he returned to his accommodation to find the jewelled dagger out of its box and stabbed in to his desk and a small note written in a red substance pinned under it with the words MUST DO BETTER or ELSE.

Taken back a bit he then decided to pull out all the stops and set to work formulating a plan for the last few games of this season and preparation for the next and an exit strategy just in case.

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