Was it a dream

The team were in a daze; had that really happened? Had they achieved what not none of them thought was possible? The talk beforehand had been more about keeping the score reasonable. “Try and limit them to 4” had been the coach’s final words in the huddle on the pitch.

No one had even thought a draw was on the cards. The newly revitalised Goblin Gambling was all about an easy win for the elves 3-1, 2-0 and even 3-2; no-one had even thought a draw verses the runaway group leaders was possible, and yet it had happened. Now anything was possible.

The coach’s smile was still on his face; he had given the group a few days off as they all deserved it. The fan mail had been rolling in, to all their surprise. (Okay, one letter and a rather interesting package from a female fan, but it was more then they had for the past two seasons). There were some tough tests ahead but the team were ready for anything.

The coach however did have something on his mind. He had to look at the squad as money was tight; he had to look at letting people go. He looked at the one name on the piece of paper that had been written down and then had a line put through it, written again and scribbled out, written again and then rubbed out, and written again and then circled around multiple times. That name was Mushroom!!!

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