Wasn’t to bad

Well the coach sat around with all his assists and looked at hie the first season went and well considering what could have happened. Indeed the sponsors had been happy that the team had 1 point it had triggered the party clause in their contract. Which basically involved cake, biscuites and tea lots and lots of tea.

The team performed well and even through they lost all but one of their matches they had given it a good go.

The first match agaist the goblins had been fun, frustrating but fun. The image of the match would be forever ingrained on his eyelids as he saw his team blown up yards away from scoring a opening touchdown. Just ka boom.

There was the problem every match this season they had been 5 yards away from the scoring. The hard work of getting up the field had been done and then the team would switch off. The ogres would loose interest the gnoblars would be distracted by something shiny, and all that hard work would just disappear. A key example was the match Versus red tide titans the ball was lying there the end zone with just one green skin guarding it and well. It was picked up, fumbled, picked
up, fumbled again, slipped through the green skins hands, fumbled again and then dropped out of reach. Yes they got the draw one of only two teams to get points from the group winners but the win would have been great.

The squad were looking good to. Players developing and learning their trade as they played. Yes they had lost some on the way that was always going to happen. The players they had now were the key.

So key to next season was to get over that finishing line and get that win which would obviously get momentum. They had the off season to have a look to rethink about tactics and regroup. The team had opportunity to prove once affine they were not just there for a easy game.

So prep for the next season were already underway a few practice matches would be used to get the the team to full awareness. The team were ready for the next challenging chapter.

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