Welcome from Pocksonville, the Parasitopes!

Pocksonville Times-Union


A new team has been identified from the bogs of Pocksonville after it was reported of a new viral marketing ad came out depicting the new teams logo, an infected fungus, and their as-of-now unnamed mascot, the foul looking Fun-Guy!  The shambling residents of the dilapidated village shrieked in joy as they welcomed their new players and coach earlier this week.

Coach “Barry” Barrigus took a few questions prior to the general public’s celebration, “We are ready to push on in this new league, with a stale outlook on the future.  We fully expect a delightfully diseased season, and we are ready for the knocks and blows that will inevitably come our way.”  The coach was followed by a few star prospects from the Parasitopes roster including Bob the Spoiler, Jonas the Infectious, and even the gargantuan Karl the Snail.

The teams roster filled out quickly from local collegiate and semi-professional leagues from the region which will most likely help draw in a local crowd to give the team a solid home field advantage when playing at the unfavorable Everstank Stadium situated in covenly downtown Pocksonville.

Analysts from around the league have noted the teams clear lack in speed and throwing capabilities, which has been raising a large amount of questions around the league.  Coach Barrigus was asked if he was worried about Pocksonville’s ability to score and keep up with the other offense’s around the league, he replied, “We aren’t worried about that.  We are worried about making a statement.”

When asked what statement he was trying to make, Barry replied, “We are just here to play Blood Bowl.”  The crowd cheered in response despite no real clarity on the offense question.


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