Welcome to Mordheim!

Welcome my friends.

My name is Herbert Drakenhof reporter for Spike Magazine.

Today I’m  here with Coach Stolzi.

Drakenhof: Stolzi I heard that you now moved to Mordheim.

How did that happen ?

Stolzi: Herbert we all know that there was a meteor impact in the city and gangs then made the city unsafe. After that, the city was almost completely burned down.

After centuries of reconstruction, a holiday paradise has emerged there. With a

Wonderful Beach and  a new Blood Bowl stadium. And lots of other leisure options. Like the troll catapult where you from one

troll are thrown far into the water. If he’s not hungry.

Drakenhof: And how did you come to found a new Blood Bowl team?

Stolzi: We have unique lifeguards here, they are fast and agile. They still have to learn to block this, but it is difficult at the beginning. And so I heard that the MML starts a reborn league. It’s back to the roots.

No high-paid transfers, no stars. Everyone is hungry to become the new stars of tomorrow.

Drakenhof: last but not least. The name of the new team?

Stolzi: It’s the Mordheim LifeGuards and their team captain is Mitch Buchannon.

Drakenhof: Thank you very much Coach Stolzi and a good start from Herbert Drakenhof from Spike Magazin.

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