Wet Bandits ‘Squeek’ out a last second win in an 0-5 Nobody’s loss.

Coach walks in and takes a seat at the microphone.

Ok, lets have the questions.

Reporter: “Coach how does the team feel about receiving their first loss of the season?”

Well anybody that loses a game feels bad afterwards especially when it is such a close game.  No one likes losing in the final moments of a match.

Reporter: “We noticed that at the half Beans was not on the field.  What was wrong there?”

Honestly, the early blitz threw me off our original gameplan,  We were scrambling to get people on the field and I sent out the wrong squad.  I mean they all look the same to me.”

Reporter: “Looking at the team picture Beans is actually the ONLY one that looks different.”

Tree leans in to the mic. “She Right Coach.”


Reporter: “Beans couldn’t seem to land at all this game, is there something wrong we aren’t informed of?”

Well I believe he might be having a case of the yips.  We got a couple of really strong prospects coming in from the minors over the next couple of seasons.  Theo Thirdlunch is primed and ready to take over the starting bullet role from Beans starting next season, and Anthony Applesauce is even hot on his trail.  We are hoping to get this all worked out before we play the Rangers next week.

Reporter: “We noticed at the end of the game Tree threw Beans at the ball carrier, was that intentional, and is risking the safety of a star player that important?”

Like I said, it was a close game.  In those situations more risky measures need to be taken to win.  However this was not my plan, Tree took it upon himself to make an audible there.  He was having an issue with his lack of landing to score during the game”

Tree leans in again: “Tree was MAD!”

Beans is OK, though he did have to sit out part of the first half due to a KO from a foul.  As the teams are starting to see his importance on the team they are starting to focus on him a bit more when mistakes are made on offense.  This is another reason why the anticipation for Theo to join the team is high, it will be nice to have another option to go to.

In the end everyone came out fine and no one died, at least on our team no one died.  So that is more money we can save for Theo’s contract come the end of the season.

Reporter: The Nobodys are set to play the Redwood Rangers next week.  This may prove difficult for them as the speed and ability to dodge at great ease will cause problems for the slower less agile Nobodys.


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