What’s cooking down in Repunpää?

The Goblin Gambling ring was running smoothly. Cash was flowing in and GioHacekas was largely at ease. There was of course the matter of the missing bangle of Supay; but news came that the devilish coach Hawca and his Cardelf Devils were not participating in the MML Season 19. The Bangle Pharaohs were now in the Pros and were actually enjoying the matches. They came to realize that the quest for the bangle had given them a new purpose. Blood Bowl had become more than a means to retrieve their stolen treasure, now it ran in their veins… or, more precisely, in their bones. The upcoming match was against Hoppelit, a Halfling team that came from the fabled little town of Repunpää, that one day would be known for the local cooking. Anyone would think it was going to be an easy match; but GioHacekas knew better than to underestimate Halflings… he had also heard about Coach Tore’s reputation and that made him uneasy. Also, a heavy rain was a portent of misfortune for the Pharaohs.

Apparently, Hoppelit had been preparing for this match. They summoned Deeproot Strongbranch and Zara the Slayer to join their ranks, as well as the Legendary Halfling Master Chef Kalpa Kassinen. Although the Chef was a little shy during the first half, and Zara was removed from the pitch before she could take her first action, the Flings seemed to be enjoying themselves so much that the Pharaohs were thrown off guard when, in Turn 7, Legend in the Making Polo Carrot managed to knock down Mhortal Khombat, remove him from the match and thus foil the Khemri drive. It all happened in slow motion, the Pharaohs were frozen, GioHacekas was following every frame with absolute delight. It was a long shot, a crazy move, an uncanny strategy… pure genius. Master Chef Kalpa Kassinen took pity on Mhortal Khombat (and Tomb Guardian Happy Asetru who quickly followed the Thro-Ra to the injury box) and decided to prepare an astounding Egyptian Roast with Llajua.

Second half started with a perfect drive by Hoppelit. Polo Carrot shone again and scored a beautiful Touchdown on Turn 5, leaving only four turns for the Pharaohs to try and equalize… under the rain. Tefast Werra, proved to be a wonderful addition to the team when he picked up the ball and covered the distance to put him in scoring range. One of the Treemen managed to base him, which meant he was going to need to dodge out to score. He had done it several times before when he played in the farm; but before he could show his moves, a failed greedy block by Billy Mick ended the drive, the half and the match. All this got the Pharaohs thinking… there’s more than just winning, more than just hurting and maiming opponents on the pitch… maybe it was Chef Kalpa’s food that inspired them… they needed to look for more… and they knew exactly where to start looking… after all, the Halflings looked deliciously friendly.

Repunpää was soon to be in the map for the cooking alright.

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