“Where can I find Doric Ratsmasher”

“Where can I find Doric Ratsmasher?”, asked the young dwarf to a tavern full of some of the most drunken and disorderly dwarf patrons he had ever seen.

Buri Stormbloe had come down from Iceforge Peaks in search of the legendary blood bowl player but had yet to find him in any of the other taverns he had visited. Here in Khundrakkar though, rumour was he could be found drinking at the Brass Mug and getting in all kinds of scrapes. That was all the news he needed so he headed off in search of the legend.

You see he had been part of a new blood bowl team that had been training hard for the upcoming and new and improved, Mead and Mayhem League season which was going into its twenty third year. The new rules had stated that a team could enter fresh and without contract or history and build themselves up through the ranks against the best newcomers from around the old worlds. Furi Durgeddin, the resident offensive coach for this newly formed team, Iceforge Invincibles, had agreed to enter the MML but only if they could find the legend that was Doric Ratsmasher from the famed Granite City team and ask him to assist as defensive coach. Buri agreed and set off,  however he was concerned as to why Furi laughed as he accepted the challenge, what did he expect to find, how scary was this Ratsmasher….he would find out soon enough.

As he walked across the small town he could hear the screams and roars from within the tavern before he could see it but he was a dwarf, he had been amongst dwarves from his own clan and they had drunk and got merry and sung songs so why the doubt in his mind.

The noise was deafening and the smell of ale and mead was overpowering but everyone turned to face the dwarf in the doorway as he addressed them,”Where can I find the legend that is Doric Ratsmasher, I was told I could find him here?”, said Buri.

The room roared again with laughter and all of the characters within continued drinking, singing, fighting, as if he wasn’t there.

Buri walked through the bustling tavern, his feet sticking to the wooden floor as he walked due to the amount of spilt ales. “Can you help me, I’m looking for….”, “Have you seen Doric…”, “Could you tell me where I could find…”, he asked and asked again but no one would answer him.

He stepped to the bar where he was met by an older looking dwarf with one eye, “What will it be brether”, spoke the dwarf, at last thought Buri someone who can talk. “I will have a pint of your best ale and if you would please could you tell me where I can find that useless, lazy, no trophy winning blood bowl player Doric Ratsmasher, you know the one that calls himself a legend!”, roared Buri so that he could be heard over the crowd.
He was heard alright, it was like when he first walked in only this time they didn’t return to drinking or laughing, no this time they all stepped back from the dwarf and some seemed to take in a small breath…

“What did ye just yelp elf lover”, said a voice at the back of the crowd. For those that didn’t know, a dwarf being called an elf lover was pretty much as low as it got in regards insults. Buri looked around angrily but warily, “I said I’m looking for Doric Ratsmasher, a few pick axes short of a mine he is…say most”, repeated the young dwarf. This was an insult also but nowhere near as good.

A flame bearded brute of a dwarf parted the crowd and walked towards he. He was tattooed, and wore many scars and although he looked aged his body looked like sculpted rock. “An orc once called me weak and if you look over the bar behind you, you can see his heed is still stuck there but it’s missin a body”, said the scary looking dwarven thug.
Buri looked at the dwarf and began to tell him about the reason he was there and that Furi had sent him to look for the legend that was Doric and he explained that the call out was merely to get his attention…”Are you him brether?” spoke Buri hopefully as he offered out the ale purchased.
The dwarf rubbed his brow and rubbed down the sweat and blood from his body and arms before stepping to the bar and grabbing the ale from the stranger.

“Aye, aye laddie I am Ratsmasher although why Furi thinks I’m going to get back into that game again is beyond me”, spoke Doric.
The two dwarves chatted and the younger dwarf pleaded with the legend to come with him and at least meet the team and Furi, at least for the drink and the gold..”Ale and gold to watch other dwarves beat up orcs, rats and gobbos…sounds just my game…har har…”, laughed Doric. “One thing though, what do you call yourselves”, asked Doric…”Iceforge Invincibles”, replied the young dwarf…”Och no no no…I’m only comin back if we call the team”, the legend thought for a minute…”The Beer Guzzlin Berserkers…har har!” roared Doric. The young dwarf didn’t argue as the name wasn’t relevant to him but having this legend amongst dwarves help coach was a great deal and who knew, maybe he would come out of retirement and play…but for now the dwarves drank till the wee small hours and when morning came they made there way to Iceforge Peaks and to new adventures.

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