Where’s Trevor…

The Yobz where sat looking around at each other.
There was one obvious player missing, no one had seen Trevor since the end of season party. It had been the usual affair. Lots of grog and then the smashing of the tavern that was stupid enough to let the Yobz hold a gathering there followed by the stumble around the small town of Yate looking for somewhere else to serve them or someone else to fight with.
Edd and Andy the twin blitzers were the last to see him, they said he was mumbling something about a bowl game that never became due to some league contractual mistake. Most of the team coach South included were not bothered and just saw the advantage of being able to hit the town earlier than planned. But Trevor had been disappointed. He had worked hard all season long and had even taken the evening classes, Blood Bowl Basics for Trolls, that South had pleaded he attend. It had helped and the season had started brilliantly. First game was against an old adversary Golden Discipline where they scrapped a 1-0 win together, then they faced some pasty skinned dark elves called The Infinite Darkness. Here South had arranged for the wizard that was allocated to him by the home stadium to be replaced by a more neutral one and he had unleashed a fireball that not only downed the ball carrier on the elves first drive but also removed a pesky witch elf and two other players! This allowed the Yobz to win 2-0.
Then came a blip facing the age old enemy, dwarves! Dio’s Midgets turned the tide and out played and out bashed the Yobz to a 0-2 defeat for the greenskinz. It seemed the best the Yobz could do was push the little guys around perhaps due to their low centre of gravity? The next game wasn’t much better and facing some underworld goblins and rats South was hoping for more blood than was actually spilt and so a 1-1 draw was the end result. Then came a match-up against another orc team. One that looked to have the Yobz beaten in all areas, both strength and agility. Due to this South had gone to see the priest at the small but well looked after temple of nuffle in Yate. Here he made a very generous contribution and was rewarded with good fortune on the pitch that saw the Die Orcishen Brecher tripping over their own feet and looking well out of sorts! This gave the Yobz a return to form and a 2-1 win.
Then came two very tough games against teams that have always been thorns in their sides. Never have they managed a win against those smarmy knights from the land of Bretonia that worship some tiny vermin that lives in trees and this time was no different walking away with the second loss of the season. And then to finish the season they had the unbeatable Flammers! Never have the Yobz even managed to get a draw against this well coached team that has 3 Blood Bowl championships to its name. And so ended season 19 with the Yobz posting a 3-1-3 record. This then gave rumour to bowl game eligibility and the thought of a game against a chaotic team called The Chaps. And so training continued and plans made only to then learn that a mistake had been made and no game was forth coming!
This then led to Trevor’s first outburst at hearing the news and now his disappearance after the party. So now South starts to consider his options whilst nursing a monster hangover and very few options but with the rest of the team still fit and strong he already has season 20 set in his head and can’t wait.

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