While everyone’s looking to the right

“I’m telling you its finished, we need to switch now” Hiderot said, his immense bulk squashed into the small office in the changing area, the other troll, Bellguff stood across the room watching the corridor whilst the team debated their current situation. Stiess the goblin capt nodded in agreement “we’ve been getting away with playing the underdogs, the downtrodden, the fools for too long… the league are beginning to notice , and worse, so are the fans, we even had someone bet on us winning recently!” “Who bets on goblins winning, its unheard of, that cannot be correct” Bigzit said in amazement,  Stiess looked at the newest team member and wondered how long he would last? not long at this rate he thought. “The point is Eilivaror has served his purpose, hes gotten us this far, but his lust for revenge is starting to tell, hes getting sloppy, making too many good choices, getting us noticed,winning, in short he needs to be…. removed” the last word barely a whisper had escaped from Stiess’s mouth when Gubblum staggered into view, mad on mushrooms and twitching violently he looked around trying to focus then slumped in a corner, his ball and chain thudding to the ground beside him. “i think i may have a solution” said Hiderot looking thoughtfully across the room. “So, we vote” said Stiess, looking around, “remember, the whole idea of coming to the pro’s was to fix games, force the odds until the guys at goblin gambling are happy and give us the nod, then its one big win and off to the sunny shores of Lustria we go, loot in hand” the outcome of the vote was never in doubt, but how to accomplish it…..

The boat burnt well, very well in fact, a fitting tribute to the ex Norseman sea Capt (Speedo heroes) turned coach, turned necromancer ( Claw & Score) turned Goblin coach, even Preachmelda  had attended the farewell ceremony, her bulk rivaling the trolls, but at least they smelt better! “if only i he had stayed with me” she snorted, causing 2 passing dark elk arks to veer away from the coast looking for the sea mist they thought was rolling in “we could have been happy” Everyone else agreed that  Eilivaror’s fatal training ground incident may have been a mercy, the details whilst still hazy pointed to a ball and chain incident, followed by a failed resuscitation attempt mysteriously carried out whilst wielding a chainsaw, close on the heels of a troll Heimlich maneuver (HeimLICHE would have been more appropriate someone commented) that had seen the coach pass in spectacular fashion. (for clarity on the above read all the previous stories published) 

The wake was a somber affair, no-one really likes to party with goblins and drunken trolls are the worst.

“so, where do we go from here?” the question appeared to be addressed to no one in particular but Stiess knew they were listening…… the answer came from an unexpected source, “You, or should i say We carry on, to everyone else we look like we are honoring our fallen coach, until the season ends and the then the team will disband, or should i say a new goblin team will emerge with remarkable similarities to this one, new name, new uniforms… but lets be honest, to everyone else we all look the same” Bigzit stepped from the shadows “you look surprised, did you really think your business partners would not keep a close eye on their investment, after all we have been through together” “some may be left by the wayside, other brought in to replace lets just say less willing participants, but in the end we all come out of this richer and wiser” he smiled, “so capt, whats the schedule for today?”

The boat burned well, very well….. but well enough? deep in the bowels of the hull timbers cracked and popped as they burnt, nothing living could survive in that environment, but somethings are not living, or are they……?

the end (for now)

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