Who Let the (War) Dogs Out?

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Lots of changes had occurred in the world of Bloodbowl, at long last the races of old had again been included in the leagues and coach Hairy Warthog jumped on the opportunity. Hairy had traveled the world in search of inspiration, he’d spoke to other coaches to see if they could influence his decision, but all along he knew where his path would take him. Ogres!!!! Hairy had long been an admirer of these bone headed brutes, not in attraction way of course, but for their sheer strength and presence on the field. If he could get six of these behemoths together along with some cheap cannon fodder then maybe he could have a team on his hands. Well, during his travels Hairy met many people, some good, some bad, some funny and some annoying. It was whilst sitting down to dinner with a local family in a back street far away from the hustle and bustle of the city when his chance came. Whilst tucking into a plate of bbq’d dog he heard and saw a stampede of locals running passed the house. He promptly joined the masses to see where they were heading. In a crowded marketplace the villages had formed a circle around something or someone in the middle. As Hairy was in fact surrounded by halflings he could see exactly what it was! 6 ogres were sat in the square with food piled up in front of them, more food in one place than Hairy had ever seen before. He asked a bearded Halfling next to him what was going on, he enlightened him that the ogres had come from the West Coast where all the food came from the ocean and once a month they came east to sample the best dishes that were cooked for them. You see, these ogres, despite their appearance were actually all highly trained chefs and food critics and travelled around the land looking for inspiration and to add new recipes to their best selling cook books. “Interesting” Hairy thought and took the opportunity to talk to them. “Gentlemen, I have a proposal for you. I could take you to lands far from here, lands where different races and cultures mix and meet regularly, places where the food is plentiful and varied”. A grey haired bearded ogre put down his quail eggs and creamed potato trifle and leaned in to the veteran coach, “go on, tell us more, we need some more recipes for our books”. Hairy went onto explain about taking them home with him and enrolling them as a Bloodbowl team in the Mead and Mayhem League and in return he would pay them and could have as much food as their bellies desired. Well, that’s the abridged version of events. The ogres took him up on his offer of violence and feasts and went to work on the astrogranite, honing their skills to be match fit, although the extra Gnoblars drafted in didn’t seem to live long but they did make a good curry afterwards. So, without further a do, I give you the WEST COAST WAR DOGS !

1. Mastiff the Wild : The dedicated thrower on the team. Mastiff once lost an eye in an incident with a Witch Elf and a sharp piece of fruit. Mastiff specializes in cooking desserts.

2. Bull Dawg Jones. : Jones is the team captain and can often be seen on the training pitch scratching his head and picking his nose. Jones is also a head chef and owns a string of seafood restaurants.


3. Damnation Dalmatian. : Double D had a rough start to Bloodbowl, being killed in his first match by a team coaches by the villainous Josiah Frost. He now plays with a permanent fractured skull. DD has a talent for making soups.

4. Senior Cheewowarrrr. The big cheese as the fans call him joined group after hearing about their cooking skills. He has won numerous awards for his recipe books and aims to bring them to the MML community.

5. Slobbering Rotten Viler. : Due to his unsavoury hygiene habits and uncouth table manners Mr Viler tends to stay away from the public eye in the culinary trade. Instead he owns numerous vineyards and his wine is delivered all over the world.

6. Poppy Yon. : The baby of the group. Poppy is still learning his trade both on the astrogranite and in the kitchen. Currently employed as head waiter in Jone’s flagship restaurant “The Battered Clam”. He also has a number of female fans due to his boyish good looks.

Please enjoy the video of the War Dogs in action.



We hope to bring recipes on a regular basis from the War Dogs kitchen.

Watch this space.


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