The Kru FC had just finished their last game of the season, a dismal 2-0 loss to Warp Warp, an underworld team that was underwhelming, overall, but led by a great coach that knew how to get the best out of his players.  The same could be said for the Kru; underwhelming.  This season had seen them suffer five deaths, a permanent injury, and tons of knock outs and stuns.  To say they were the softest Orc team in the universe would be an insult to soft Orc teams.  This group hit with pillows on their hands and shoulders, didn’t know strategy, but at least they were clumsy and stagnant in their defensive beliefs.  Their coach could not get a feel for the group, and had his doubts about their sustainability. Could they really be this far from the team that spawned them?  The Wrecking Kru had been a juggernaut.  They had talent. Nuffle had favored them many times.  This group of wannabe’s was just the opposite.  No talent, no desire and no luck.  It seems that Nuffle hates kids.  Particularly kids of former champions!  Sitting in the locker room after their latest debacle, Coach Caven asked the team if they wanted to continue.  No one spoke.  He asked if they wanted to hang up their cleats for good.  No one spoke. He asked if any of them wanted ice cream and cake.  Everyone stood and cheered.  Typical of this group.  And so it begins again, Coach Caven taking an underachieving group of worthless Orcs, back into the MML Challenge league, where he was sure he could find a team or two that would end his misery and destroy this team.  One could only pray to Nuffle.

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