Wrecking Kru Waltz into Final with win over Leaf Dancers

Hello once again, Blood Bowl fans!! Harry Gobbo here with another exciting edition of Wrecking Kru Weekly, brought to you by OSPN! We are celebrating yet another Kru playoff victory, this time by a score of 2-0 over the Wood Elf side, Leaf Dancers! The Kru took control early by driving the length of the pitch, knocking Elves out or down along the way, and Gutrad two-stepped into the end zone just before halftime for a 1-0 lead. Leaf Dancers were two players down on the reset, and could have drawn equal with a one-timer, but their thrower, Zarven, couldn’t pick up the ball in the open field. The second half ended early for the Dancers, as Morgoth managed to intercept an errant pass, and tango his way to the second Kru score! The rest of the match was composed of Elves trying to live for another day, and the Kru willing to let the Dancers run out the clock! Here with us now is Coach Caven to tell us about tonight’s thrilling victory!

Coach, congratulations on making the finals yet again! How do you feel?

“Thanks, Harry! Thanks to all the Kru fans that made the trip to watch this match! We are almost there! We feel great about the win, but we still have work to do. One more match to win, then we can celebrate.”

Coach, what was the plan going into this match? The Leaf Dancers proved to be a tough opponent in last year’s quarterfinal match. Did you use anything from that previous meeting?

“Harry, the Dancers are a very good team. They made the MML Semi-finals, so that says a lot about them. We knew if we could get some hits on them, maybe knock a few important players out, that we could grind out the win. The first time we played, they stayed away from us, and we couldn’t injure any of their players. Today, it was a different story. We were quite surprised when they elected to kick to us. That gives us first shot at their linemen, and we managed a few stuns, and as the game wore on, we managed a few injuries to them. We knew the match was ours when we had both of their very talented War Dancers off the pitch for the duration of the match. That seemed to take the fight out of them. They managed to almost stop us in the first half, but Gutrad stepped in and made sure we got the first half score. Morgoth’s second half interception pretty much sealed the deal, and we were going for a third when they managed to stun Gutrad, so we just decided to protect our players and take the win. They will be a formidable opponent next season, and we are hoping to see them again in the playoffs.”

Coach, what were the team’s goals this season? Is this where you wanted to be?

“Harry, our goal was the same as the other 31 teams in the MML. To win the league title. We have an opportunity to do that, but we must defeat yet another Wood Elf team, the White Owlz, to do it. They will offer a different challenge. They have a Treeman. They are faster than Leaf Dancers, but not as skilled in other areas. They will be getting inducements for the match. We will have to come up with a game plan that will achieve our goal for this season; to win the MML.”

The boys looked fired up tonight. Can you tell us why?

“Harry, they were ready for this one. They understood that a victory would get us to the final, and that odds for us would be good, because we watched the Wood Owlz defeat the Reptile Dysfunction. We felt our chances would be fairly good against the Owlz, and were a bit relieved when the Dysfunction failed to advance. That changes our game plan completely. We had also talked before the match about making a statement. We wanted to make sure the Elves took notice of us, that they just couldn’t run around us and avoid us the whole match. In order to do that, we needed to be alert, ready and going at full speed. We think the lads did just that. It doesn’t take much to get an Orc fired up about beating on Wood Elves, let me tell you! They were excited to spill some blood!”

Coach, rumor has it that the Kru will be testing the marketplace after the Final. Any truth to that? And what are you looking to acquire?

“Harry, all the teams have been using the marketplace since league inception, save for the Kru. Everyone of our players have been homegrown since our first season, in MML Season 2. We have developed each of these guys, and want to continue to do that. However, in order to stay competitive, we have to explore all options. We have located a special Orc lineman with some special talents that could benefit our team. His particular skill set fits right in to what we want to try next season. So, we have entered into contract negotiations with him, and hopefully we can finalize it after the Final.”

Any final thoughts before the Kru take the field again?

“Harry, it has been a very good season for us. It started with getting a measure of revenge against Dignity with a 2-1 win, and continued throughout the season. Our draw with New Orcland was a fair result, but we weren’t happy with the Mousillon draw. We should have won that 1-0, but we were arrogant, overconfident, and didn’t take care of business. Much like a recent election that put Mr. Drumph into ultimate power. Their turn 16 touchdown was a stunner, but other results allowed us to clinch a playoff spot after that result. The 2-1 loss to the PieRats was disappointing, but we already had our sights set on the playoffs, so we weren’t as focused as we should have been. We used that result to get us back on track, and it has brought us to the Finals. We look to close it out on Wednesday against the White Owlz.”

There you have it, sports fans! Coach Caven and the Wrecking Kru are in their second Final in the last three seasons, and could become the MML’s first ever dual champion! It will be a tough test, and the Owlz will certainly be on their game as they search for their first MML title! Tune in Wednesday night for the MML Final as the Kru and White Owlz battle for supremacy! So long, for now, from OSPN and Wrecking Kru Weekly! This is Harry Gobbo signing off!

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