YDSMH: You’re not gonna see me after.

The wood elf locker room was filled with nervous energy.  None of them expected to make playoffs.  None of them expected to make it as for as they had last season.  The coach walks in with a large bag in his right hand.  He stands with his shoulder crooked to that side from the weight of it.

“I signed a contract with a different team.”  He says, “This team has accomplished everything they wanted to and so much more.  You stumbled at first.  But, you never gave up.  You worked harder and earned your spot in the Pros.  This season you got to play on the field next to many different star players.  You got the chance to play against the finest players in the MML.  These are thing you wanted to do.  Now you are faced with what might be your last game in the pros… or it might be your second to last… or you might get a third game.  I don’t know how long you guys will hang on for.  But, no matter what you guys do it will soon be over.

The bag drops to the floor and gold coins spill out onto the wooden floor.

“This is all the money that is left.  It’s a lot.  But, this team no longer needs to save for its future.  So, I’m going to leave it with you guys.  You can decide how you want to spend it.  I’ll be here to see these playoffs thru. You’re not gonna see me after.”

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