Your guide to sponsors in MML

Have you ever wondered, who pays for teams to function? Fans? Brah, the concept of gratitude is lost on them! If they always riot and throw rocks at players, do you think they’d be convinced to pay for seats? They are there just because forbidding them to be there would be way more dangerous. It is sponsors who graciously pay your favorite team’s wages, it is they who have greatest interest in your team’s success. Or demise. Spike! magazine presents an outlook on some of major sponsors in the Mead and Mayhem League!

Bloodweiser: by far the biggest sponsor in MML. Perhaps surprisingly to some, they do not really want their teams to win. In fact, they lose quite a lot. Bloodweiser is not about that. Bloodweiser is about blood. So they sponsor teams who inflict pain on others. They even provide support staff, who cleans stadiums clean after the games. Rumor has it, blood from the pitch is carefully stored away for some unknown purpose!

Orcidas is not out for points and glory either. They provide custom made armor for teams to see how their prototypes hold on under violence common in blood bowl pitch. And boy, do those armors hold. Orcidas-sponsored teams boast best survivability in whole MML!
Parstowne X III. This is a rather new sponsor making fortune out of shoe shining stuff. What does this have to do with Blood Bowl? Nobody knows. But on the pitch, the sonsored teams tend to concede the most touchdowns. Now if I know anything about gambling, it’s so much easier to influence match by conceding, rather than scoring…
McMurty’s. This sponsor primarily prides themselves i their ultralarge uberbacon burgers with skaven cheese, sliced mushrooms and their special spices. In fact, those spices are mandatorily snorted before the game. And boy, whatever is in them, it definitely helps scoring. On the flipside, it radically shortens the lifespan of the players as well.
Spike! Magazine sponsors only the most glorious teams on the Blood Bowl pitch. With heavy research, media support, and other tricks we hope to get an edge and glory on blood bowl pitch. Problem is the ingrates just take money and do not listen to our wise words and dabble in midtable obscurity.
Goblin gambling are at least honest in their trade. They give cash and expect results. Thinking that power is power, they sponsor the biggest teams out there and match carnage of Bloodweiser. However, gambling would not be gambling if they wouldn’t unexpectedly lose from time to time?
Guild of Bandits and Affiliated Trades prides themselves as the ultimate sponsors of underdogs. Many of players being former bandits themselves, they kindly take the money offered. But as there is no honor among thieves, it is only a question of time until they are outbid and need to find another underdog to influence.
Circle of the Happy Serenity are the ultimate pacifists. They sponsor teams not to dabble in mundane punching and try to outmanouver their opponents with sharp wits and quick thinking. As sponsors of some of most successful teams, they surely know their way to the highway.
Bank of Altdorf. Bums. Utter bums. And scroodges. The have cash to sponsor only one team in MML. They recently made some terrible investments in coloring books for goblins and elven gym equipment, and got burnt in the process.
Talisman ‘R’ Us are all about winning. If you can get results, you have their attention. Sponsoring only best of the best they want you to know the game well, pace yourself, never overcommit to carnage nor scorefests. If you are repaying their trust well, they are known to bribe wizards some other teams may hire and make your life a little bit easier.

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