Zombie Geoff

The story of the Walford Timetravellers Part 5


Following a disastrous start to the season with consecutive defeats, failing to score a single touchdown and being about as exciting to watch as Coronation Street, viewership of the Walford Timetravellers has hit an all time low. In a bid to retain what is left of their fan base the BBC staff writers held an emergency meeting following last nights match.

It took only 3 of brainstorming before Dave suggested shoe-horning Zombies into proceedings; much like every other fantasy-time-travelling-sci-fi franchise has done shortly before being canned forever.

The death of Geoff in the match against De Nile seemed like the perfect opportunity to resurrect one of the characters in zombie form and so the BBC writers instructed their counterparts in the art department to draw up a zombie version of Geoff from the 1994 era. Unfortunately the late night and lack of coffee meant to say exactly which Geoff and from exactly which popular long running series 1994 era they meant.

And so it is that at training this morning, the 1994 cast of Eastenders were more than a little surprised to hear the shouts of ‘Wey Aye’ as a zombie version* of Geoff Keegan, scout leader from teen staple Byker Grove, Waltzed into the dressing room. The cast, having never been north of Watford, didn’t have a clue what the Geordie nutter was on about.

Having realises their mistake too late and being all but resigned to the death of, what, in truth, was a ridiculous premise for a TV spin-off, the BBC staff were left to hope that the team could muster some sort of performance in their next match against Bad Intentions.

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