MMLPro Talk – Episode 29

Welcome to the 29th MMLPro podcast!!! Sadly this week not only our PS4 community was struck down by the dastardly curse of the Blue Screen patch, but our MML commissioner and arbitrater of all things nefarious has also been struck down and is absent from podding duties. In his place the Mousillon Maestro has been recruited and we welcome Sturmjarl to the pod! He gives us the lowdown on how he found Bloodbowl and as one of the more experienced coaches of Bretonnians we go into some high analysis on them this week. Add to that the big announcement around Legendary Edition and the topic of the blue screen plague this Pod should bring you up to date with the major happenings in the PS4 community. Also included is your usual slice of MML goodness where we discuss the big games of the first week and look forward to week 2 ahead of us if Cyanide manage to patch the bug!!!!! ENJOY, YOU SCOUNDRELS!!!!

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