Series: MMLPro Talk

MMLPro Talk – Episode 32

Welcome to Episode 32 of the MMLPro Talk Pod your weekly podcast delving into all things Bloodbowl 2 related on the PS4 with a bit of MML flavouring. Joining me this week I have the incomparable exhibitionist @Stuntmandidi!!! We discuss… Read the rest

MMLPro Talk – Episode 31

After a two week RL hiatus we’re back with your regular MMLPro Talk Pod!!! This week Thunden is joined by world famous best coach in the MML, Gerdleah and also joined by notorious Skaven fiddler, Git. This week the guys… Read the rest

MMLPro Talk – Episode 30

Welcome to the 30th episode of MMLPro Talk specifically focusing on the PS4 Blood Bowl 2 community with a healthy dash of MML league flavour thrown in. This week we have all round Blood Bowl mega star Glowworm joining us.… Read the rest

MMLPro Talk – Episode 29

Welcome to the 29th MMLPro podcast!!! Sadly this week not only our PS4 community was struck down by the dastardly curse of the Blue Screen patch, but our MML commissioner and arbitrater of all things nefarious has also been struck… Read the rest

MMLPro Talk – Episode 28

Welcome to your last podcast before the start of Season 7! The dream team is reunited once more, Preach back in the bunker with Thunden and this week joined by Sacerdotalist Season 6 Champion and his special guest star!!! This… Read the rest