Series: MMLPro Talk

MMLPro Talk – Episode 37

This week we have spoiled you… not only do we have the ineffable Josiah_Frost but we also have BloodBowl Celebrity, TWELFMAN! From our brothers over at the Anything But a One podcast (check it out! We’ll be speaking and… Read the rest

MMLPro Talk – Episode 35

It’s Sunday which means it’s glory for your inner earworm time!!! This week I am joined by the current MML Champion, TRIPERIS!!! Fresh from his recent exploits of catnapping, we talk about the following items (add a minute on to… Read the rest

MMLPro Talk – Episode 34

Hussah!!! Chocolate day!!! So much better than any other day!!! This early Sunday morning I am joined by SCWyatt and a solent Cesca sitting in the background!! Guest appearance from Mrs Thunden!!! We discuss what’s been going on in the… Read the rest

MMLPro Talk – Episode 33

This week on your PS4 BB2 Podcast with a little MML flavour, Thunden talks to Maverick and Iceman themselves… it’s Seriousjest and Bernie Buffon!!! They go into detail about the Cladder, the State of the Nation, Big Question of the… Read the rest

MMLPro Talk – Episode 32

Welcome to Episode 32 of the MMLPro Talk Pod your weekly podcast delving into all things Bloodbowl 2 related on the PS4 with a bit of MML flavouring. Joining me this week I have the incomparable exhibitionist @Stuntmandidi!!! We discuss… Read the rest