Racial Leaderboards

A Leaderboard season will be a year long, split into two sessions. Session 1 will run Jan – June and Session 2 from July – Dec.

2019 Leaderboard

Human Leaderboard
Orc Leaderboard
Dwarf Leaderboardtrop
Skaven Leaderboard
High Elf Leaderboard
Dark Elf Leaderboard
Bretonnian Leaderboard
Chaos Leaderboard
Norse Leaderboard
Undead Leaderboard
Necromantic Leaderboard
Nurgle Leaderboard
Chaos Dwarf Leaderboard
Khemri Leaderboard
Amazon Leaderboard
Vampire Leaderboard
Goblin Leaderboard
Underworld Leaderboard
Ogre Leaderboard
Halfling Leaderboard