Wasteland Athletic Conference

Where few dare venture, there is a land wrought with drought, disease, pestilence and death. The perfect setting for a MML Blood Bowl conference! The WAC delivers exactly what it’s name proclaims: a wasteland. Each team in the WAC prides itself on destroying their opponents, often at the expense of leaving the ball on the pitch. Never a dull moment, but always a disastrous result, the WAC delivers like no other.

Wasteland Athletic Conference Champions

SeasonConference ChampionConference Record (W-L-D)
Season 1--
Season 2Los Pumas2-0-0
Season 3Leaping Lizard2-0-1
Season 4Leaf Dancers3-0-0
Season 5Leaf Dancers3-0-0
Season 6Dream Wild2-0-1
Season 7Dream Wild2-0-1
Season 8Dino Rock3-0-0