The Witch’s Coven were invited (had to bribe several key officials of the MML) to take part in the Challenge League in season 4. Having secured their place they were frantically searching for a coach before the season start. Coach Gerdleah was not so quietly persuaded to try to take this very fresh team of unskilled Dark Elves against more experienced opposition.  Gerdleah was so unimpressed by their performances that season, and the team’s inability to perform simple tasks (like picking up the ball) he was on the verge of taking up the head coach position of an exciting Skaven team.

However, in the off season, the team showed some promise (started to pick up the ball when asked to). Gerdleah was ‘convinced’ that the team could be successful and agreed to a new and improved long term contract. They showed so much promise (more bribery) that they were invited to take part in the Pro league for season 5. The Coven exceeded all expectations set by the owners (win 1 game) that they qualified for the playoffs, were they lost in a nail biting game against the Wreking Kru. In season 6 the Coven failed to make the playoffs but won The McMurty’s Famous Bowl.

The Coven play at the Nightmare Cavern, which has recently added a fully stocked Beer Stand full of fan favourite drinks, such as Bloodweiser. Local craft drinks such as Vixen Juice are also available.