A Prince arises…

Much had happened since the infernal Lucifer had been ‘dealt with’, the scouts of coach Girth had identified some up and coming talented future stars only to be frustrated in bringing them into the group by a mysterious set of circumstances closing all trades and a new breed of challengers had joined the leagues.

Leaping bearded men, warrior women and stunted food lovers with tree friends where amongst the many new faces and coach Girths intrepid band also had many new foes to face-they had already come unstuck against a twisted band of dark dwarfs In the opening act of season 11.

It was, however a familiar foe  who they next faced  in the squirrels and their  indomitable Coach.

Coach Girth called the Troupe together to discuss the next challenge

“We had a tough start my trusty charges, and despite defeat are next challenge is more familiar in the Order of the Holy Squirrels”

This cause a stir in the ranks and the Phamtom loomed forward

Powerful..are…the..Knights….sweet music…they make…

On the pitch”

Girth considered the words of the hulking Phantom.

Last season a roaming star-for-hire had helped bring much needed muscle to their aid-maybe he could find him again…

Just then Coach Girth noticed Hamlet muscling through the Troupe towards the front-after the previous defeat he had been seen working tirelessly on the training ground and his misshapen shoulders rippled with new found strength.

“Horatio (coach Girths little used middle name) I shall lead our band onto the field, to glory and immortal fame-and  verily do I think I know  of someone who can help us in our  goals…

With that the he handed over a golden emblem with what appeared to be barely legible image on one side.

Coach Girth squinted and managed to just make out a image of a strange mechanical instrument with teeth like that of a shark.

With a glint in his eye Girth looked back at Hamlet

“I believe we have an agreement good Hamlet-you will lead us this season and together we may achieve great things….

….and please let your ‘friend’ know we may need his services”

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