Devil’s wrath

Lucifer strode into coach Girth’s office, eyes blazing red with a fiery glow, rage emanating from his entire body

“Do you think I will settle for second best! Do you think I will allow such whimpering surrender, such a pathetic fight!”

Coach Girth tried to hold his nerve in the face of such unholy wrath and replied with a stutter

“I  our blocking game let us down but the Seers are a strong side,and who could predict the hired stars to let us down so badly…”


Screamed Lucifer in a voice of pure terror

I WILL NOT accept such pitiful surrender again-I will arrange our extra support this time as you cannot be trusted… and woe betide you if you get in my way!”

With that Lucifer strode from the office, leaving Girth to contemplate who, or what, would happen in next match-this time against a more familiar for in coach Gerdleah and his dastardly Skaven.

‘at least we cannot be so outmatched in the fight again’ muttered Girth to himself-he hoped….

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