MML Rules & Regulations


League: Mead & Mayhem League (MML) may also be referred to herein as the League.

New Teams: New Teams are defined as a freshly created team that has also never played before in the MML.

Returning Teams: Returning teams are defined as teams that have played in the MML during prior MML Seasons. Returning teams can not have played any games outside of the MML in order to maintain this status (friendly, non-awarding games, i.e., Friendly Matches are excluded).

Pro Team: Any team that is currently playing in the Pro Season play pool, bowl or post-season is considered Pro for the purposes of these Rules & Regulations.

Challenge Team: Any team that is currently playing the Challenge League play pool or post-season is considered a Challenge team for the purposes of these Rules & Regulations.

Farm Team: Any team that is currently enrolled in the Farm open ladder, or is not currently playing at the Pro or Challenge Level.

Season Ready Team: A team needs to be in a certain state in order to receive a ticket to participate in a season, this state is defined in addition to the above Pro/Challenge Team definitions:

  • Returning Challenge/Pro Teams:
    • May field less than 11 man rosters (i.e. use Journeymen). Journeymen value will be calculated into the overall TV of the returning Pro team.
      • Injured or players missing the next game will have their TV value calculated into the overall TV. The League will no longer manage games for coaches in the off-season.
    • Returning Teams must comply with all TV cap policies.
  • Farm-to-Challenge Teams:
    • Minimum 11 man (active) roster. More than 11 players is allowed, however at least 11 players must be available to play in the first game.
  • All Teams:
    • All players must not have excess SPP. All players must be leveled and not have SPP held in reserve in excess of their next level.
    • No transactions may be enacted once a ticket is accepted and prior to the first game.



Any coach using any means by which to cheat, dupe or otherwise circumvent the Rules & Regulations of the League or the Blood Bowl 2 game will undergo investigation that may result in suspension or release from the League. All coaches are expected to uphold a general air and atmosphere or good sportsmanship at all times.

Escalation process :

Coach A contacts the Council about a matter of DBAD in the new private channel for CC (#council-inquiries)

CC member will then emoji it to flag it is under discussion. No discussion allowed in that channel.

Council discusses without Board and sees if they can resolve. If not, then >

Board contacted and a quorum of at least 1 Board and 1 CC to rule on the decision (taking into account any precedent set since announcement not before)

Decision on sanction to be made dependent on behavioural past of subject.

Communicated privately to said subject.

Coaches Council and Board decision final.

Sanctions dependent on record : 1. Warning 2. No xfer market 3. No post season 4. Season ban


Coaches are not allowed to concede matches without the express consent of the League Office. Conceding matches is not in the spirit of the MML nor of good sportsmanship. Regardless of circumstance player initiated concedes are frowned upon. Events transpire outside of and during game that may require a team to concede a match. If this is the case, all effort must be taken to notify the League office of the matter so that it can be recorded appropriately. Without notification, the League will consider any concede in poor taste.


Teams who concede or have a League Managed Match (loss) will have the highest player with the most SPP subject to leaving the team. In the case of two players, having the same amount of SPP, then the coach may choose which is subject to the rule.

  • The League will roll a d6. On a result of 1-3 the player stays. On a result of 4-6 the player will leave the team and must be fired before the next play week.
  • Failure to comply will result in loss of 10 standings points for the current season, and may result in removal from the League.

The League reserves the right to suspend or forgo this rule in circumstances where it deems necessary.


The League reserves the right to force a result in certain circumstances:

  • If a game fails to take place because one team no-shows the match and the coach cannot be contacted to reschedule:
    • No-show will lose to show.
  • If neither team shows, and neither team can be contacted to reschedule or if both teams agree to have the League manage the entire match because they cannot play the game in the allotted time:
    • The match is managed as a Draw.

The League will work with all coaches to make every effort to schedule and play matches. Communication is the key, and the League is committed to making all matches happen in a favorable manor. If however, a coach cannot be contacted or refuses to play a match, the League will automatically manage the match as a win to the opposing team. The League will not utilize forced concedes.

The best way to avoid League Managed Matches is communication. Coaches are supplied with opposing coaches contact information as well as a forum and other means to communicate and set up matches. The League will also step in and help make matches happen if requested. The League will only manage a match after ALL attempts have been made to reconcile the match to a different time, etc.

  • Pro Teams with two League Managed Matches will be removed from the Pro League and required to either sit out the remainder of the season. They may register for the Challenge League in subsequent seasons.
  • Challenge Teams with two League Managed Matches will be removed from the Challenge League and required to spend the remainder of the season on the Farm before returning to the Challenge.


Each Coach is committed to playing at least one game in the allotted time frame. In most Seasons a game week is equal to a real week. This means coaches have a week in which to contact the opposing coach and schedule a time to play their match. Deadlines for match completion will be Midnight CST (Central Standard Time) each Sunday of the week. Games not played by this time will fall under the above League Managed Matches rules.

All teams are guaranteed at least seven games in a full season. Some teams may end up playing additional games if they become bowl-eligible and compete in a bowl game and/or Playoffs.


Conferences will be pared in a play pool for each season, resulting in two conferences playing each other in a particular season. These pairings will be rotated each season:

Play Pool APlay Pool BPlay Pool C
Dungeon WestDungeon WestDungeon West
First 4Noble South ConferenceIron League
Noble South ConferenceIron LeagueFirst 4
Iron LeagueFirst 4Noble South Conference
Sword Coast ConferenceSword Coast ConferenceSword Coast Conference
Death Valley ConferenceWicked Forest ConferenceWasteland Athletic Conference
Wasteland Athletic ConferenceDeath Valley ConferenceWicked Forest Conference
Wicked Forest ConferenceWasteland Athletic ConferenceDeath Valley Conference
Ancient Central EmpireAncient Central EmpireAncient Central Empire
Chaos Prime RepublicTotal Nuffle AllianceDeath and Destruction
Total Nuffle AllianceChaos Prime RepublicChaos Prime Republic
Death and DestructionDeath and DestructionTotal Nuffle Alliance
Disputed Land ConferenceDisputed Land ConferenceDisputed Land Conference
Fumble Underground NationWyrm Abyss RealmUncivilized Gentlemens Club
Uncivilized Gentlemens ClubUncivilized Gentlemens ClubFumble Underground Nation
Wyrm Abyss RealmFumble Underground NationWyrm Abyss Realm

  • Teams will play each team in their play pool once (7 games).
  • The top two teams from each play pool will advance to the play-offs. (top 2 teams with the most points after 7 games)
  • Bowl Eligible teams will advance to Bowl Games.
    • Challenge Teams are not eligible for Bowl Games

Conference Play is considered any game played against a team from the same conference.


Non-Conference Play is considered any game played against a team that is not from the same conference.


A Pro team is considered bowl-eligible if they met at least one of the following criteria:

  • A winning record (Winning Percentage > .500 or Attain at least 11 points
  • Conference winner (top ranked team in their respective conference)
    • If not sent to the Playoffs

Bowl eligible teams will be placed in bowl games at the discernment of the Coaches Board. The Coaches Board will consider the best possible match-ups based on regular season play and potential for exceptional match outcomes.

If there are an odd number of bowl-eligible teams the League/Coaches Board reserves the right to select a non-bowl eligible team to play in a bowl game. The League/Coaches Board will most likely choose the highest ranked non-eligible team to play, but circumstances may dictate that other team(s) are selected (Coach cannot be contacted, has a conflict, etc.).


The top two teams from each play pool will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will be seeded single elimination, until two teams are left who will play for the respective Season Championship.

Seeding for the Playoffs will be by points, then by tie-breakers. The top team from each Division will be seeded #1 and #2.


The MML does not use the in-game standing system to determine the standing of each team (though the in-game may mirror the MML standings at times). Instead all MML standings are tracked through the website. Match results and statistics are recorded on the website after each match and/or the end of each play week – with standings posted at the beginning of each week.

A detailed explanation of the MML Standings can be found here.

The standing of a team is relative to their total points earned through MMLPro League play. The point system is as follows:

  • A Win awards 3 points.
  • A Tie awards 1 point.

See below for an explanation of MML conference standings and an outline of tie-breaking procedures used when teams are tied in total points.


The MML’s teams are divided into two divisions, each containing four conferences. Divisional standings determine the #1 and #2 seeds for the playoffs.


If two or more teams are tied in total points, the tie is broken using the following criteria, in order:

  • Most wins
  • Head-to-Head (best W-L-D record between clubs)
  • Strength of Schedule (See the addendum to the rules.)
  • Coin Toss (2 Teams) or Drawing of Lots (3 or more)


In addition to the MML Standings, the MML may release other Polls each week. These Polls are a metric for coaches to gauge how they stack up against other teams and coaches in the League. They are for fun, and do not have any weight when it comes to actual standing in the League.


Returning Teams are automatically registered for the same conference with the same team, unless relegated, promoted or otherwise prohibited by these rules. New Teams must register for the season they wish to coach in prior to the beginning of the season. Late registration or additions to the League after a Season starts will be rare and avoided at all costs. Discretion is on the League to determine the circumstances that would constitute a late addition (such as a team dropping out and another filling the open slot, etc.). No preference, advance ranking etc. will be awarded in any circumstances to any team or coach that isn’t also afforded to all others in the League. Conference selection preference to returning teams being the one exception.

All Coaches also must register on the website to be considered an active coach.


Coaches wishing to register their team for an upcoming season should fill out the Team Registration form.  MML Seasons run 10 weeks, signing up early can helps the transition from one season to the other in a expedient manner. Conference choice preference is given to returning teams, but every attempt will be made to accommodate requests for particular conferences, etc.

Coaches registering a team for the FIRST TIME in the MML, must register a New Team with the League. 


Current coaches who wish to continue in the MML Pro/Challenge Seasons with their current team are automatically registered as a returning team (unless relegated/promoted, or prohibited by these rules, etc.). All TV, players, etc. are allowed to carry over into the next Season provided no transactions outside the League or additional games have been played since the end of the prior season. Returning coaches must register the same team that played in the prior season, and may not register another team – unless they wish to register a Farm Team or a New team instead (see above New Team Registration). Returning coaches are given preference to their choice of conference over newly registered coaches.

Returning Teams must adhere to the League TV (Team Value) Cap when registering. The TV Cap is defined towards the end of the preceding season and published when Season Registration opens. Team TV will be verified by the League prior to receiving an in-game ticket after registration is closed.

Coaches who wish to register returning teams will have to ensure that their teams TV is at or under the published season TV Cap. If the team TV is over, coaches will have to sell off assets, fire/trade players, etc. to ensure they are under the Season TV Cap. Teams over the Season TV Cap will not be sent an in-game ticket until they are at or below the TV Cap.


  • At the end of each Season, the complete Pro standings (all 32) is posted ranking all 32 Pro teams from top to bottom.
  • The bottom 2 teams (#31 & #32) are released from the Pro League and may register for the Challenge League for upcoming season(s).
  • Season Ending:
    • At the end of each season, the complete Challenge League standings is posted ranking all Challenge League teams from top to bottom.
    • The top 2 teams (Champion & Runner-up) are promoted to the Pro League.
      • In the case that a team is unable to accept a promotion to the Pro League; the next highest-ranked team may take their place (etc. on down the line).
  • Mid-Season:
    • Anytime a team leaves the Pro League the top 4 ranked teams (of the same Division – East/West) in the Challenge League will be entered into a lottery to replace the Pro team.
      • Teams promoted during mid-season are immune to being released for that season. In this case, the next lowest ranked team is instead released.
  • Mid-Season
    • Anytime a team leaves the Challenge League all eligible coaches in the Farm will be considered for immediate promotion to the Challenge League.
4.3.3 Season Registration Summary:
  • Returning Pro TV Cap Teams
    • Pro Coaches (not released)
      • Automatically returned to the same conference with the same team without registration.
    • Pro Coaches (released)
      • Automatically registered for the Challenge League with the same team
    • Challenge Coaches
      • Automatically returned to the Challenge League with the same team without registration.
      • If there are open Pro slots, returning Challenge League Teams, of the same division, will be entered into a lotto for promotion to these slot(s).


Coaches will receive an increase to the League TV Cap for performing certain functions, and/or gaining certain achievements within the League.

Current Incentives

  • 10 bTV – Coach Loyalty.
    • Coaches are awarded 10 bTV for each full season they complete in the MML.
  • 10 bTV – Post Season Eligibility
    • Coaches are awarded 10 bTV for each post-season (Bowl or Playoffs) appearance.
  • 10 bTV – Champion
    • Coaches are awarded 10bTV for each Pro League or Challenge League Championship they win.
  • 10 bTV – Franchise Coach
    • A coach who has a life-time winning percentage of at least .500 for their career, across all teams coached at the Pro level.

The Bonus Team Value Hard Cap is set to 100 bTV per Coach.


Coaches who wish to join The Farm during the season and/or off season with a team(s) may do so at the Leagues discretion. For information on participation in The Farm, click here. Coaches wishing to register their Farm team for Season play may do so using the provisions detailed herein. Coaches who have never been an MMLPro coach before (meaning they have never participated in a MML Season prior) are considered New Coaches. Farm Teams are allowed to register for Season play. Please note, since the inclusion of Legendary Edition teams Mixed race and custom teams are not eligible for inclusion in the farm.


  • The League will publish the League TV Cap at the end of each Season. The League TV Cap is the maximum Team Value a team can have at the start of the season upon registration and prior to the first game.
  • Teams under the TV Cap have no restrictions or obligations to meet the cap.
  • Returning coaches can add their Bonus TV to the League TV Cap to determine the League TV Cap for their registered team (does not apply to New Team registration).
  • Teams over the TV Cap have a few options available to them:
    • Register a New Team,
    • Register a Farm Team (that is under the Farm TV Cap), or
    • Release players/manage team assets to lower the TV.


  • Teams from The Farm what wish to register for Season play must conform to a special Farm Team League TV Cap.
  • The League will publish the Farm Team TV Cap at the end of each Season. The Farm Team League TV Cap is the maximum TV Value a team can have at the start of the season upon registration.

Returning coaches can add their Bonus TV to the Farm Team TV Cap.


The transfer market window will be open between seasons, a single window will be referred to as a Market Cycle. Market Cycles are a privilege not a right and the League reserves the right to open and close such windows as necessary and without notice. If a team circumvents the marketplace they will be removed from the League for a season, and could face other disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate by the League.



  • These are teams that are registered for the upcoming season as returning to the league (CL/Pro) at the set TV cap.
  • (new) Any returning team conducting transfer business must have already sent through their end of season screenshot for records. If they have not and this is found out post transfer the team will forfeit the purchased player and will receive no refund.
  • These teams may buy only one player per Transfer Cycle
  • Players may come from either the farm or other CL/Pro teams
  • League teams CAN buy from their own farm teams
  • These teams are prohibited from selling players to any farm teams but may sell players to other League Teams.
  • Players may only be bought once per Transfer Cycle
  • (new) Players may only be a maximum of level 4
  • (new) Players may only have a maximum of one stat up


  • These are teams that are registered to enter the Challenge League for the upcoming season at the Farm to League cap.
  • (rewritten) Prior to entering the league (CL) a Farm team is only allowed to have purchased one (farm to farm) player. Any team requesting league entry with more than one (farm to farm transfer) transferred in player will be refused entry.
  • This Transfer may only be from other coaches farm teams.
  • This Transfer may not be from your other farm teams
  • Players may only be bought once per Transfer Cycle
  • (new) Players may only be a maximum of level 4
  • (new) Players may only have a maximum of one stat up


  • Each MML coach may only make one Farm to Farm transfer per Transfer Cycle
  • Players may only be bought once per Transfer Cycle
  • Players may only be bought from other coaches farm teams

9. The MML Trophy Case

  • The Trophy case has been established, for the purpose of ‘displaying’ teams.
  • Eligibility for entry into the Trophy case will be any Pro or Challenge League team that has played at least 2 complete consecutive seasons at the Pro or Challenge League level.
  • The Trophy case may include cladder champion teams, as long as the coach of the team was an MML coach. (Teams not originatinating within the MML will not be able to play within the MML or interact with the rest of the MML league in any way. This includes not being able to take advantage of any of the remainder of these rules. They will simply be placed in the Trophy case, for ‘display’ purposes only.)
  • Whilst in the Trophy case a trophy case team is not able to interact with the rest of the league, other than to be on ‘display’ except as clarified in the remainder of these rules.)
  • A trophy case team may return to active participation within the MML, by being registered by the owning coach. The team will be eligible to enter the Challenge League at the Pro tv cap for the season.
  • Teams may only enter or leave the Trophy case between seasons.
  • Trophy case teams will be subject to the following rules regarding the MML marketplace:
  • Teams leaving the CL or Pro’s will not be eligible to receive a transfer at the conclusion of the season, when they are seeking entry to the trophy case.
  • Trophy case teams leaving the trophy case and seeking entry to the league will be eligible to receive a market transfer as if they were a League team, as defined in the transfer market rules.
  • Whilst within the Trophy case, Trophy case teams will be eligible to sell players as if they were a pro/cl team, as per the marketplace rules. In so doing the coach of the Trophy case team may not sell to a pro/cl team that they also own.


The MML is comprised of three officers:

  • League Commissioner
    • The Commissioner is responsible for all League operations, adjudication, and communications.
  • Deputy Commissioner
    • The League may appoint Deputy commissioners to help with certain competitions, e.i., East/West/Farm Commissioner, etc.
  • President
    • Responsible for all legal, corporate or civil duties involving the League.
  • League Apothecary
    • The Apothecary is responsible for maintaining the player rosters for all teams to include injuries and deaths occurred in a given week.
  • Treasurer
    • The Treasurer handles all League expenses, including but not limited to MML Money Teams.
    • The Treasurer is responsible for oversight of marketplace transactions in an Transfer Market.

A list of the current officers can be found here.


The League allows each Coach to have a channel on the Watch Live page of the MMLPro website. This allows coaches to broadcast their matches for others to see online. Any coach that utilizes this feature agrees to only broadcast Blood Bowl 2 games or appropriate material. The MMLPro website strives to keep everything PG, so any content that would plausibly fall outside of that rating should be kept off MML channels.


Each participating Coach acknowledges and agrees to allow the League to utilize their teams name, likeness and aspect for promotion of and discussion by the League. Each coach also agrees to allow their Gamer Tag to be identified and used for promotion of and discussion by the League. Each coach additionally agrees to allow their name and email to be published to other coaches in the League for the purposes of arranging matches and communication. This information will be published in a secure page that is behind a user login controlled by special permissions set by the League to ensure proper but secure visibility. No personally identifiable information of any coach will be shared with any third parties or outside the League for any reason at any time.


In instances where Strength of Schedule is required to break a tie the following criteria will be applied:

  • The total number of points accrued by teams which each tied team defeated in the season will be calculated.
  • These totals will be compared and the winner of the tie will be the team with the highest of these scores.
  • If and only if these totals are also tied then the total points accrued by teams which each tied team registered a draw with during the season will be added to the existing totals.
  • These new totals will then be compared and the winner of the tie will be the team with the highest of these scores.
  • If after this process the tie cannot be broken then a coin toss or drawing of lots will be used to break the tie, as explained in the main rules.