MML Standings Explained

The statistics used in the MML standings are simple and easy to understand once you get the hang of it. The most important numbers are wins, loses, ties, and points. All other numbers are important only for breaking ties or analyzing strengths, weaknesses and trends.

See below for an explanation of MML conference standings and an outline of tie-breaking procedures used when teams are tied in total points.

Number of games played.

Number of games won. (A team is awarded three points for each win.)

Number of games lost.

Number of games tied.(A team is awarded one point for each tie.)

P or Pts
Total points.

PF or F
Total points scored by the team.

PA or A
Total points allowed by the team.

Percentage of total points earned from points available.

STK or Streak
Current streak of consecutive wins or losses.


How the standings determine playoff qualification:

The MML’s teams are divided into two divisions, each containing four conferences. The playoff schedule is set according to conference standings.

Otherwise, the standings are determined by total points. If two or more teams are tied in total points, the tie is broken using the following criteria, in order:

  • Most wins
  • Head-to-Head (best W-L-D record between clubs)
  • Coin Toss (2 Teams) or Drawing of Lots (3 or more)

How the standings determine bowl eligibility:

Bowl eligibility is determined by earning a certain amount of points in regular season play:

  • A winning record (Winning Percentage > .500) | Attain at least 11 points
  • Conference winner (top ranked team in their respective conference)