One tale ends-another begins…

Coach Girth was in his office, considering how there first season in the professional leagues had gone.

His lurching band of ex thespians had made a promising start by managing to beat a powerful group of dwarfs and as well as another reanimated  team and dispute a brutal beating at the hands of some clothingly challenged savages and a narrow loss to Rat man band, Girth and his group could be proud of there start to there new (un)life-and maybe they could on again find stardom.

They had suffered some loss along the way however, with one there promising supports to there stars taken from them and this had caused unrest in troupe.

‘We where promised eternity’

Mcdeath had said in a rehearsal for there match against the rats.

‘Everlasting fame he said’

Iago chipped in.

They where right-they had been promised they would live forever and after the dark rite had taken place, deep in the woods on a full moon, the band of actors had risen changed forever-undead and ready to push for the very top….

But now it seemed the promise was not totally true, and tho there limbs where charged with an unearthly vigour they where not invulnerable to harm as they first thought.

Coach Girth had placated there anger for the time being but knew that one day a reckoning would come and ‘All Wight on the night’  now had 2 goals-to reach the very top as stars of there new careers, and to wreck revenge on the necromancer who had mislead  them and changed there lives forever.
In the meantime coach Girth turned from watching his troupe in rehearsal for next season  and once again opened the immense folder which contained the ‘scouting ‘ reports from the farm league

“Let’s see if we can find a new star for our group, someone to lead us up to the real  big time, the Pros

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