Sword Coast Conference

The Sword Coast Conference caters to a crowds that expect their team to win each and every week. Little forgiveness is given to teams that don’t live up to fan expectation! The SCC pulls out all the stops and doesn’t wait for the blood soaked grass to drain between halves. While the SCC sounds brutal, it is one of the premiere conferences in the MML, combining brute force with often illegal tactics, to produce an always entertaining game – mostly for the fans.

Sword Coast Conference Champions

SeasonConference ChampionConference Record (W-L-D)
Season 1--
Season 2The Frozen Thrones1-0-0
Season 3The Bell Keepers2-1-0
Season 4Los Pumas / Rodentia Ad Nauseam2-0-1 / 2-0-1
Season 5Witch's Coven2-0-1
Season 6Rodentia Ad Nauseam2-0-1
Season 7Witch's Coven3-0-0
Season 8Los Pumas2-1-0