The final curtain?

The stage was set, the troupe where prepared for one final battle against familiar does and then the season once more was over.

The crowds had been building all week to see the derby between The mighty Squirrels and Coach Girth’s All Wight on the Night and much though the season had once again fallen short of their plans, coach and fans all looks forward to this one.

Despite the introduction of an immense Mummy to add more muscle the team had not been able to achieve the fabled glory-and the coach had decided that they had earned a rest so this would be their farewell match.

The injured captain Hamlet entered the coach’s office as he reminised about might clash’s against the Squirrels and Coach Andy

Alas coach, we have had to recruit many traveling players for this final clash-can we really put on a good performance?

Girth turned to the ever reliable Hamlet, who now had a slight limp after a tackle to many

Fear not my brave fellow-we will give the show of our lifetime-and whatever the result you, and your colleagues have always done me proud

Hamlet left to give one final rallying speech to the team and Girth looked around his office and wondered for the future.

A break would do him good, a time to recharge the batteries-and maybe,just maybe he could dust off his old brown coat and watch his old friends play-now wouldn’t that be shiny?

And so one final titanic clash against his old rival awaited and then the ride into the sunset-as all good things have to end-and end the way they should ,amongst the blood and the sweat on the best place to be…

…the blood bowl pitch!

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