The Mead & Mayhem League (MML) is a Blood Bowl 2 PS4 league consisting of a number of teams, divided equally into conferences. The MML’s regular season is 8-weeks long, with each team playing at least eight games. Following the conclusion of the regular season, bowl eligible teams will play in a single bowl game with the top ranked teams playing for the MML Championship.

For further information please see the MML Rules & Regulations.

MML League Conferences

  • First 4
  • Dungeon West
  • Noble South Conference
  • Iron League
  • Death Valley Conference
  • Wasteland Athletic Conference
  • Sword Coast Conference
  • Wicked Forest Conference


Q: What to do I do if the League is full?

A: Step 1 is to register as a user on the MMLPro website, as only registered users can join the MML. Step 2 is to request to join The Farm. Once the MMLPro Season opens up you will be notified to register, but can enjoy games in the MML on the Farm in the meantime.

Q: I received an invite and conference assignment but I have no scheduled games?

A: You probably registered while a season was underway but where placed in a vacant spot in a conference for the upcoming season. If you got your conference of choice this is most likely the case, but you can always contact the League Office to be sure.

Q: How do I schedule games with other teams?

A: The best way to schedule games with other coaches is through the various methods of communication available to you. The MML has a twitter, a facebook, a PSN Message group, and of course email – all posted in the Coaches Corner of the website for all coaches to access.


Q: This is a PS4 League, why am I required to use a website?

A: Because the MML isn’t  your standard BB2 league. Our coaches are a cut above the rest, and as such we enjoy a little more out of our game. The MMLPro website gives us a venue to communicate, research and understand how other teams and coaches are doing around the league. It’s more than just a place to see standings but a place for coaches to mingle.