Author: Caven08

Who’s In Charge?

The members of Shadow Company sat in their locker room, relaxing and watching the live transmission of an MML Pro match.  They were mildly entertained, and not all terribly focused on the match.  They had been left off the new… Read the rest

The Shadow Returns

Coach Caven sat in his office, contemplating the just completed first season of Shadow Company.  It had not turned out as he planned.  They won their last two matches, which was an improvement, but they had lost four others and… Read the rest

The Shadow Rises

Coach Caven watched as his Orcs lost another close match.  His team had suffered through two seasons of death and heartbreak, coming close to their goals, but just not completing them.  He was tired of coaching limited players.  They were… Read the rest


The Kru FC had just finished their last game of the season, a dismal 2-0 loss to Warp Warp, an underworld team that was underwhelming, overall, but led by a great coach that knew how to get the best out… Read the rest