Author: Doughnut

The Gladers

Tom Glady stood in the tunnel, he was nervous. He should not be here. He had a good, if not spectacular college career at Athel Loren Tech and a only sixth round draft pick for the legendary Gladers, for whom… Read the rest


As each member of the Saints watched the final game of the season, there was a tinge of sadness as they knew they had missed out on the Pro playoffs by the smallest of margins. A few weeks earlier it… Read the rest

Meet The Plums

Mr. Plum always wanted to own a Blood Bowl team. He never expected to be playing in it too, but that was a perk of being dead, you never really aged. Sure, the odd arm might fall off, but nothing… Read the rest

A pre-season friendly

Preparation for the pre-season friendly had not gone well. Pat Butcher, landlady at the local pub ‘The Skaven’s Heads’, and part-time Witch Elf for the Sunday league team ‘The Moredhel Raiders’ (a grand name for such an average team), had… Read the rest