Author: Dustbin89

Yesterdays Stale Buns

For the past two seasons the Elevenses have shown much promise, but results stagnate, like yesterday’s stale bakes. Perhaps Eddies retirement from the pitch and newfound obsession with squirrels has halted the Elevenses passion and drive, mediocre matches and yet… Read the rest


Two successful seasons in the lower divisions of the Mead & Mayhem league, mixed results but any seasons with wins in are good seasons for short fat slow weak useless puddles of mush. The success went to Eddie’s head, that… Read the rest

Eddie gets a new brain

Leading into the first match of the new season, Team Captain, Player-Manager and Chairman of the Sackville Elevenses Eddie the Smeagol had woken up from his coma, but was still deeply concussed and continued to bleed from the ears, nose… Read the rest

Field of Creams

Eddie affectionately known as ‘The Smegol’ to his neighbours, was the local Baker of Sackville. A quaint little Halfling village in the centre of Averland, leagues from the nearest city, where not much ever happened. Eddie had two great passions… Read the rest