Author: glowworm

No Mercy

  The rear doors of the wagon opened and the occupants emerged blinking and stumbling into the light, they had been bounced around and kept in the dark (literally) for several hours in the rear of the prison transport on… Read the rest

++++++BREAKING NEWS++++++

++++++BREAKING NEWS++++++  Reports are coming in of a massive explosion at the Da Grot Bowl, home of the (in)famous A-F-D Goblin team just after lunchtime today. We will bring you more on this story shortly……   Our reporter on the scene, … Read the rest

Lies & Half (size) Truths

“so, what you saying is basically we are all but fleeting memories of some greater god like being and our very existence is a dream?” Bellyguff asked, shifting his huge bulk on the already overtaxed bench in the players changing… Read the rest