Author: Hornetbb2

Lockdown !!!

The citizens of Stromdorf had been in an imposed lockdown by order of the emperor Karl Franz for almost twelve months after an outbreak of doubleskullitus a lethal disease that had a high mortality rate especially in the most confident… Read the rest

Banned !

Hanz Schrieber leant over his writing desk quill in hand he’d been hard at work for five hours as the official scribe of the Stromdorf Stompers he was busy working on the players contracts for the upcoming MML season when… Read the rest

Breach Of Contract

The Vulcans players sat around the dressing room chatring amongst themselves, a season which saw them as one of the favourites to make the playoffs started badly and they just couldnt recover much to the annoyance of head coach Marius… Read the rest

Record Breaker

Leopold Von Scoope stumble as he ran across the field desperately trting to get an exclusive “Arturo , Arturo!” He closed in on his target Arturo Scalluci had just broken the MML record for most casualties in a single game… Read the rest