Author: LouLizCSC

The Plan

The Plan He kept running for hours and he knew they were still after him. Those nasty, little goblin-assassins would not give until they got him. They also had to. There are stories about what Goblin Gambling does with unreliable… Read the rest

The New Deal

The New Deal ‚It has been quite the ride, hasn’t it?’ Woody leaned back into the comfort of his armchair, letting the smoke if his cigar slowly run through his nostrils while looking at the trophy standing on the desk… Read the rest

Enough is Enough

Five games, five wins. Perfect start into the season. A few injuries on the star players but the team is still in shape after beating the vicious Grimbeards 4-2. Woody is more than pleased and you can see it in… Read the rest

A Change of Strategy

A Change of Strategy This is what Woody likes. Looking at trophys. It is not the biggest one, but it’s cute at the very least. ‘Circle of Happy Serenity Bowl Winners Season 7 –Harrelsons’, Woody’s first title in the MML… Read the rest