Author: Stolzi84

Welcome to Mordheim!

Welcome my friends. My name is Herbert Drakenhof reporter for Spike Magazine. Today I’m  here with Coach Stolzi. Drakenhof: Stolzi I heard that you now moved to Mordheim. How did that happen ? Stolzi: Herbert we all know that there… Read the rest

He is Back

Coach Stolzi was quarantined after 2 sessions with the Sons of Ragnaros because of a mysterious virus. Many think it was a time of chaos. The doctors advised him to go to a tropical climate. So Stolzi went to Lustria.… Read the rest

Born to be a Legend

It is the last home game of The Longbomb Carpenters’ season, against the leader of their division, the Nurgle team of Abdomination Nation and Coach VpowerV. A violent snowstorm sweeps over The Stadium of The Carpenters which makes there passing… Read the rest