Author: Stuffnjunk84

Return of #HighlightThat

Greetings coaches! After a break of roughly three seasons the #HighlightThat reel is returning! However, there are two major changes so please work with me to ensure a smooth transition into the new format. Coaches will be providing the highlights.… Read the rest

The Rebirth

The Rat’s Nest, home stadium of the Repulsive Ratlings, Thursday at Dawn: “Again.” The sound was barely audible, like leaves carried on a gentle breeze over a graveyard. The Ratlings had adapted to this manner of speaking since the return… Read the rest

Return of the Rat

Each morning for the last week a different dead goblin body could be found outside the offices of the Goblin Gambling Company Headquarters. All appeared to have been stabbed in the back with sharpened bones, still attached to various humaniod… Read the rest