Author: VpowerV

The Imminent Darkness

    …… sooner than they had previously returned, Hector and his brethren had again disappeared, their distain for league rules and Coach VpowerVs sanity was of no shock to anyone, 1 season 2 seasons 5 seasons had passed and… Read the rest

Early Return

Rooooooooarrr!!! A terrible sound echoed down the damp stone walls, a mix of howl, growl and banshee like scream bounced around the hidden tomb. Hector rose from his dusty coffin, “some what earlier than I expected” he grimaced between dry… Read the rest

The awakening

    “I failed my kin….. I’ve been distracted lately….. and they paid the ultimate price…..” Hector hissed between his pearly fangs as he addressed Coach VpowerV at the impromptu and rare meeting V got with his captain. “But at… Read the rest