1. Call to Order :

2. Call of the Roll:
⦁    Present: Thunden, Josiah Frost and More_Shots
⦁    Absent with apologies: Preach and Hez
3. Determination of Quorum:
⦁    3 out of 5 voting members were present.
4. Commissioners Proposals, Proclamations & Communications:
⦁    Deferred until later in the meeting, but also then no business.
5. Proposals and Communications from Members:
⦁    None.
6. Consideration of, and Action Upon, Referred Proposals:
To Include:
⦁     Proposal for refinement of Transfer cycle in line with the spirit of the MML. (Thunden)

Proposal Reproduced as below for information:

•    These are teams that are registered for the upcoming season as returning to the league (CL/Pro) at the set TV cap.
o    These teams may buy only one player per Transfer Cycle
o    Players may come from either the farm or other CL/Pro teams
o    League teams CAN buy from their own farm teams
•    These teams are prohibited from selling players to any farm teams but may sell players to other League Teams.
•    Players may only be bought once per Transfer Cycle


•    These are teams that are registered to enter the Challenge League for the upcoming season at the Farm to League cap.
•    These teams may make one transfer before accepting their ticket to compete in the upcoming season, subject to being compliant before ticket acceptance.
o    This Transfer may only be from other coaches farm teams.
o    This Transfer may not be from your other farm teams
•    Players may only be bought once per Transfer Cycle


•    Each MML coach may only make one Farm to Farm transfer per Transfer Cycle
o    Players may only be bought once per Transfer Cycle
o    Players may only be bought from other coaches farm teams

⦁    Action: Passed

7. Submissions from Coaches  Council
⦁    No business, but the ‘Get to Know’ your coaches segment being pioneered by Hairy Warthog, was highlighted as an upcoming project.
8. Submissions from Admins
⦁    None
9. Submissions from Coaches at Large and the General Public:
⦁    None, although the board did highlight the mechanisms in place to enable coaches to use the proposals section on the website.
10. Unfinished & Miscellanous Business:
⦁    It was noted that registration for the next season has closed.

11. Announcement of the Next Regular Session:
⦁    To be decided in line with the announcement of the dates for the next season.

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