MML Board Meeting Minutes 27th February 2018

1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order.

2. Call of the Roll:

Present: Preach, More_Shots, and Josiah_Frost.

Absent with Apologies: Thunden and ReznorRulesYou

3. Determination of Quorum:

The meeting was deemed quorate.

4. Commissioners Proposals, Proclamations & Communications:

Preach had none, although noted that he had issued a few proclamations recently.

5. Proposals and Communications from Board Members:


6. Consideration of, and Action Upon, Referred Proposals:

i) Proposal from Hairy Warthog:
A questionnaire to everyone in the MML. Kind of a “tell us how we are doing” invitation.
The MML is a great community but what can we do to make it better? What isn’t so good? Etc.
This can be done in such a way that opinions of any individual can be kept anonymous for fear of reprisals.
For example, the questions are giving to the community to get there point of view. Let’s say, myself for example, a coach committee member but not a board member can collect the answers and publish the report but keep the identity of those who replied to myself. It gives an opportunity for people to speak their praise and concerns about the league without putting themselves in the spotlight.
I will publish the results on the web page. The board can then discuss the answers on a live feed.

Whilst it was deemed that the above proposal did not need a formal vote it was given board endorsement as an idea.

ii) Absent Coach, Mid-Season Promotion and AI Team Proposal
Proposed: Josiah Frost
– The existing text to remain, as follows:
Mid-Season Promotion: – Given that we can use AI teams to fill competition ranks: Teams that leave mid-season for any reason, will be replaced with an AI team of the same race and relative TV value. – The above applies to both the Pro and CL Leagues. – CL teams will no longer be promoted in the middle of a season to the Pros.
– To be ammended with the following addition:
The League Reserves the right to, at the discretion of the Commissioner, replace any AI team, at any point, with a human coached team.

Action: Seconded by Preach and passed unanimously.

7. Submissions from Coaches Council:


8. Submissions from Admins:


9. Submissions from Coaches at Large and the General Public:

i) Proposal from DwarfGiant: If teams are tied at the end of season after taking into account head to head record for relegation deciders would it be possible to have a playoff in rather than a coin toss? There is probably plenty of time post season to arrange and play the game. It would certainly add excitement (and seem fairer). Sponsored by Thunden.

Action: Seconded by Josiah_Frost for further consideration.

10. Unfinished & Miscellanous Business:

i) Preach noted that for future board meetings that the agenda should include a section for any business related to Blitz, should there be any Blitz business that required consideration by the board.

ii) Social Media Presence: Preach noted that he had recently been advertising the MML in a number of places such as Facebook and Reddit. If any coach is able to help advertise the MML in these areas this would be gratefully received.

iii) Preach noted that there was still not another addition to the Hall of Fame. Josiah_Frost to work to present this for consideration by all coaches, in line with the existing structure.

11. Announcement of the Next Regular Session:

To be arranged.


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