Regular Session – 10/2/2016

Meeting Minutes from the Regular Board meeting Occurring 10/2/16

  • Session opening
  • Roll-Call
    • Present: Preach,  More_Shots, Thunden, doneagle_, Sestonn, seriousjest, Hezekia87, ReznorRulesYou
    • Not Present: Stuntmandidi
  • Presiding Officer’s Proposals, Proclamations & Communications
    • None
  • Proposals and Communications from Members
    • 1009 – Sportsmanship Award:
      • Writer: Thunden
      • Unanimous Sponsorship
      • Award Proposal
        • MML Sportsmanship Award : every week a coach will be picked from our elite band and be formally recognised on the website for their sportsmanship or upholding the values of the MML. This would enhance this behaviour and also continue to keep in peoples minds the merits of the MML. All coaches can propose with a little narrative of why. If no proposals then the board (8 of us with a week of play) should be able to pick someone between them.
      • Action: Passed (Unanimous)
  • Consideration of, and Action Upon, Referred Proposals
    • 1003 – Complete Games:
      • Addendum: Section 2, prior to 2.3
        • A game is considered complete when 2/3rds of all total turns have been completed. This means that once turn 11 is complete for both teams the game is considered to be a complete game.
      • Action: Not Passed (Unanimous)
    • 1004 – Disconnected Games:
      • Addendum: Section 2, prior to 2.3 after Complete Games
        • Coaches who have games that discisconnect due to server/connection issue should make every effort to replay (but are under no obligation to do so).  Disconnected games that are also Complete games will be considered a Concede/LMM by the League for the disconnecting team.
      • Combined with 1003
      • Action: Not Passed (Unanimous)
    • 1006 – Post Season Matchups
      • Writer: Sestonn
      • Revision: Section 2.5
      • Change Post Season to divisional playoffs, followed by a matchup between East and West Champions. The top 4 teams of each division enter into a two round Divisional Playoff Competition. After Divisional Championships have been decided, the Champions meet in an East vs West MML Championship match to decide the season’s MML Champion. As opposed to the full 8 team playoff system, this serves two purposes. 1st and foremost, it prevents the first two rounds of playoffs from having east vs west matches that take a longer time to schedule. Second, in the occasional event that one division is more competitive than the other, the top competitors from the weaker division have a much greater chance of making it to the overall MML Championship, masking any difference in Divisional competitiveness.
      • Action: No Pass by majority
        • No Pass: Preach, Thunden, More_Shots, SeriousJest, Doneagle
        • Pass: Sestonn, Hezekiah87, ReznorRulesYou
    • 1007 – 4.1 Revisions (Purchase Limit)
      • Writer: SeriousJest
      • REPLACE all text under the heading “Rule 4.1 Open Transfer Market Rules” with the following:
        • All teams entitled to the Pro TV Cap may purchase one player from the Farm during each open transfer market period immediately preceding a season for which they are registered.
          • EXAMPLE: An S5 Pro team that sits out S6 and registers to return in S7, without having played any non-Friendly Matches, could keep its Pro TV Cap if it made one purchase during the open transfer market period immediately preceding S7; but the team would lose its Pro TV Cap if it had made any purchases from the transfer market during the period immediately preceding S6, because it wasn’t registered for S6.
        • All other teams (i.e., Farm teams or Farm-to-Pro teams) may purchase and sell players freely during open transfer market periods (unless such a transaction would be a prohibited transaction, such as buying and/or selling multiple players to a Pro/Challenge Team, etc.).
      • Action: No Pass by majority
        • No Pass: Preach, More_Shots, Doneagle, Hezekiah87, ReznorRulesYou
        • Pass: Thunden, Sestonn, SeriousJest
    • 1005 – Post-Season Schedule
      • Writer: ntb_99
      • Addendum: Section 2.5 as 2.5.1
      • The MMLPro postseason will take place directly after the end of the regular 7 week season, during weeks 8 and 9.

        Coaches who make the playoffs have between Midnight CST on the last Sunday of the regular season (week 7) until Midnight CST of the following Friday (week 8) to play their quarter-final match-up.

        The MMLPro Season Championship Semi-finals must take place between Midnight CST of Friday (week 8) and Midnight CST of Sunday (week 8).

        Semi-finals should ideally be back-to-back or as close as possible. Overlap should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

        The MMLPro Season Championship Final must be scheduled during Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sundayof week 9. It must be scheduled at least three days in advance to allow time for the coaches to plan, and the League to hype the game. If possible, the final should be played on the weekend to make it easier for both East and West coaches to be available.
        Coaches should ensure their availability for this postseason schedule in advance in case of involvement but also to watch and support coaches in the culmination of our season.

        If one or more coaches is unavailable to play any postseason match then the result will be managed as a win, rather than a concede, for the coach who is available. The unavailable coach will NOT receive any post-season bonus TV.

        The Transfer Market will ONLY be open during the period of the post-season (weeks 8 and 9 inclusive).

        The next MMLPro Season will begin on the Monday following the Sunday of week 9.
      • Action: No Pass by Full Board
  • Submissions from Coaches at Large and the General Public
    • 1008 – bTV Cap
      • Writter: Preach
      • Sponsors: Thunden, Doneagle
      • Addendum to Ruleset
        • Bonus Team Value is capped at 150 bTV per Coach.
      • Action: Pass by majority
        • Pass: Preach, Thunden, More_Shots, Sestonn, SeriousJest, ReznorRulesYou
        • No Pass: Hezekiah87
  • Unfinished & Miscellaneous Business
    • Playoff Structure
      • Topic Originator: Doneagle_
      • Discussion: Topic was discussed and a new proposal will be put together and submitted to the board.
  • Announcement of Next Regular Session
    • Schedule TBD

Regular session Board meetings are open to the public and broadcast live. The entire meeting can be viewed below. 

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