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MML BOARD MINUTES: 28th March 2017

⦁    Call to Order/Session Opening ⦁    Call of the Roll: Present: Preach, Hez, Josiah Frost, Seriousjest and Thunden. (Also Present: Hairy Warthog, representing the Coaches Council.) ⦁    Determination of Quorum: Quorum Established. ⦁    Commissioners Proposals, Proclamations & Communications: ⦁    Proposal… Read the rest

Regular Session – 10/2/2016

Meeting Minutes from the Regular Board meeting Occurring 10/2/16 Session opening Roll-Call Present: Preach,  More_Shots, Thunden, doneagle_, Sestonn, seriousjest, Hezekia87, ReznorRulesYou Not Present: Stuntmandidi Presiding Officer’s Proposals, Proclamations & Communications None Proposals and Communications from Members 1009 – Sportsmanship Award:… Read the rest