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Deva Dominators

Lady L was not impressed. “I specifically said, win or die. We didn’t win and only 5 of you died – you can’t even do that right!!” Last season was long and bloody for the fledgling franchise, Lady L put… Read the rest

The Magic is Back

As Rmac peered over the great canyon below he was joined by Vorgen one of his few remaining original players. “Itssssss time for ussss to be heard againnn”. “I know it is and we shall be among the pro ranks… Read the rest

Who are the real Punks?

The dance troupe turned blood bowl team known as Razzle Dazzle had exceeded everyone’s expectations to reach the MML Pro Final in their debut season. coach shakeydog had gotten into a little hot water during his pre match press conference… Read the rest

Yesterdays Stale Buns

For the past two seasons the Elevenses have shown much promise, but results stagnate, like yesterday’s stale bakes. Perhaps Eddies retirement from the pitch and newfound obsession with squirrels has halted the Elevenses passion and drive, mediocre matches and yet… Read the rest