MMLPro Talk – Episode 13

What have we hear folks!?!?! Coach Thunden and Hez take a shot at their very own podcast?!?! Let it be known that anything said herein…may or may not be sanctioned by the MML. None the less, this is certain to be the best pod of the season…or at least the best pod since the last one you heard!





  1. Gentlemen, this was the first podcast I have listened to. Excellent job!! I was entertained and intrigued with your insights. Thanks for your efforts!!

  2. Amazing work, guys. Very impressed. Good to have the old podcasts out and, also, thank you for the entertainment! 🙂

  3. I am also very happy to talk about ‘that foul’ thunden sir. 😉 I enjoyed listening to your talking about it… But please don’t cry, not even a little bit. Obviously Chase remains the man to talk to about fouling in general. 😉 …

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